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BSM has produced a number of articles and reports on Lean Laboratory. These include:

Incorporating Lean Principles Into Pharmaceutical QC Laboratory Design

Incorporating Lean Principles into the design and layout of pharmaceutical labs will deliver significant operational benefits. BSM has collaborated with other Lab Design stakeholders including FLAD, JACOBS, FOSTER WHEELER and end users at  Novartis to compile a unique white paper Incorporating Lean Principles into Pharmaceutical QC Laboratory Design:  building design influencing laboratory behaviours and effectiveness” outlining how labs can be designed to proactively support lean processes and operational excellence. Download Report Now >>

Top Labs Get Lean - Give Your Lab The Edge

 Top Labs Get Lean - Give your lab the edgeThis Report examines Lean in the Laboratory. It looks at the typical issues that arise in Labs and how to Apply Lean in the Laboratory - Key Principles that always apply. Download Report Now >>  

Lean Thinking For Laboratories

This article examines the Factors Affecting Laboratory Performance, Recipes for a Successful Lean Lab, The 4 Key Components for a Successful Lab, and Likely Results.

"The focus of a lean laboratory is to test samples in the most efficient way possible in terms of cost, or speed, or both. Although most of the key principles of lean apply in labs, the specific challenges facing laboratories require significant adaptation of standard lean tools." Download Report Now >>


Leaning the Batch Record Process

 Leaning the Batch Record Process

This briefing addresses the issues and problems often associated with manual Batch Records, including long review and approval lead-times and poor ‘first time’ document accuracy.

Life Science manufacturing operates in a highly regulated environment and significant effort is expended in compiling and reviewing batch records. In fact batch records consume substantial amounts of operator, supervisor and dedicated reviewer time. Despite this, long lead-times for approval fo the batch documentation and poor 'Right First Time'  (RFT) performance is very common. Download Report Now >>  

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