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Please find listed below some of BSM's Lean Laboratory and Operations client testimonials.


"We were impressed by how quickly BSM were able to understand the peculiarities of our various labs.  Their ability to engage with our people and guide them to develop innovative tailored solutions was excellent. These solutions quickly delivered significant productivity improvements and with BSM's support we were also able to fully 'internalise' the learnings."

QC Director


"The BSM crew has provided down to earth practical advice and expertise on how to improve performance based on their many years of operational experience. Highly effective!"

VP for Pharmaceutical Operations

Syngenta Seeds Inc.

"We were very impressed by BSM's analytical approach and rigor through-out the project. Their innovative 'take' on Lean in Labs helped them to identify superior opportunities and solution concepts and they guided us excellently through the detailed design and implementation parts of the projects. They also helped us to secure analyst buy in and ownership of the new processes and we were able to deliver significant productivity improvements and annualized savings of more than 3 times the cost of the project."

Manager of Genotyping Platform Technologies


"Our laboratory performance has been transformed as a result of the lean project we have just completed. We were surprised how quickly BSM were able to understand the complexities of our lab and then apply appropriate lean principles to address our major issues. Although the process changes we made seemed radical the entire lab team were on board and the end result was more samples tested in less man hours per batch and significantly our lead time was reduced by more than half."

Analytical Laboratory Manager

Baxter Healthcare

"BSM's programmes are very practical and clearly reflect their experience in implementing the techniques in real situations. Our team were given tools and techniques that were directly applicable and delivered sustainable improvements"

VP of Operations